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Table of Content Engine Diagnostic and Electrical Special Tools for Engine Diagnostics and Electrical Engine

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Dynamic Engine Cleaning Tool
Model: BGP9850
Call 1-800-892-9650

Direct from 3rd Party Supplier

The BG Products Dynamic Engine Cleaning Tool (#9850) is required in conjunction with BG Products Dynamic Engine Cleaner (#103192) and Filter kit (#9850-013) to remove internal engine oil deposits. Volkswagen dealers should reference the Volkswagen Technical Bulletin regarding "Engine Oil Pressure Too Low, Light is ON, Engine Flush" for details regarding correct usage process of Dynamic Engine Cleaning tool (#9850). THE BG9850 TOOL, ENGINE CLEANER AND FILTERS ARE PURCHASED DIRECT FROM BG PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS!!!

To find a BG distributor:

Go to http://www.bgprod.com

  1. Select "Distributor Locator"
  2. Select the proper country
  3. Select the proper state
  4. Select the proper county

Product Specification

AUDI Requirement Minimum
Availability Available
Tool Class Special Tools
Tool Number BGP9850
VW Requirement Minimum

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