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TCX59 Pro Hybrid Tire Changer - Red

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This model builds on the popular TCX59 platform, adding back the dual-basic bead press system and all-new hybrid leverless head. The hybrid design combines the simplicity of a standard head with the labor savings of leverless technology. With a full bead press system, the TCX59PRO is well equipped to service everything from medium duty trucks to high performance passenger car assemblies.


  • Hybrid leverless tool head
    • Lifts bead without use of levers
    • Reduces wheel and tire damage risk
  • Bead Press System
    • Tremendous power and control
    • Aids mounting and demounting
    • Auto-centering simplifies operation
  • Swing-arm column
    • Saves space over tilt-column designs
    • Locks rim diameter and width measurements for same-sized wheels
  • FastBlast™ inflation
    • Outperforms handheld systems
    • Hands free operation is safer and easier
  • Locking lower arm
    • Helps demount heavy and difficult tires
    • Assists match-mounting
  • Tabletop clamp
    • 10-28 in. clamping range (6-30 in. with standard adaptors)
    • Measurement marks ease clamping
    • Twin-cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single-cylinder designs
  • Motor and drive
    • Powerful 220V high-torque motor
    • Two-speed forward drive
  • PowerOut™ bead loosener
    • Fingertip control is safe and ergonomic
    • Most powerful in the industry
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Product Specification

Drive Clockwise: 7 rpm and 17 rpm / Counter-clockwise: 7 rpm
Tire Diameter 43.3"
Rim Width Maximum 14"
Shipping Weight 1,050 lbs.
Dimensions 50" L x 75" W x 45" H
Wheel Clamping External: 10-26" / Internal: 12-28"
Electrical 220V, 1 ph, NEMA plug type L6-20P
Air Volume of Inflation Tank 6.5 gallons
Air Pressure Operating Range 110-145 psi

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