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Aluminum Body Repair Station
Model: VAS6572
Superseded To:


Component of VAS6673 Aluminum Repair Bay!


The AUDI Body Repair Station VAS 6572 ensures ergonomic and cost-effective repairs for aluminum, ultra-aluminum and aluminum/hybrid-steel bodies. It ensures the necessary isolation of these vehicles in a body repair shop, which is vitally important for reasons of corrosion. This bay is an extremely light support structure in aluminum lattice design with 5 different standard versions for each installation scenario.

 The aluminum truss system can be adapted easily to every existing local situation. There are wall connectors, adjustable suspensions or columns available, as well as mixtures of these standard versions.

 The truss standard elements are connected by precision cone fixtures that lock with bolts and locking pins, making it easy and fast to assemble during the installation process. You also have the option to rebuild it if there is another location required by any reason in the future.

 The hanging supply trolley moves inside a U-shaped track to the repair zone at the car and provides you with electrical power, air supply and tools immediately at hand. All cables and hoses of the feeding remain ahead inside the track. The floor is always free of cables, reducing the risk of trip accidents. Dent removal equipment and other machinery located in the aluminum repair bay can be installed on the platform of the supply trolley. The vacuum cleaner and aluminum welding machine can be connected to the power supply of the hanging trolley as well.

 The curtain is made by a special material (E-glass-compound) used for welding protection applications. The material of the red viewing window conforms to DIN EN 1598 (eye protection at MIG welding areas) and protects the eyes of the other workers or customers outside the work bay.

 The curtains are manufactured individually based on location specifications. They are reinforced on all sides and include yellow Aramid reinforcements in front to pull the curtain. The inner side has a special coating to increase the reflection of the lamps. The outer side is aluminum grey.

 To increase the output of the lighting system, the curtain system has a special coating for reflection at the inner side. If the curtain is closed, the lighting performance is higher than 1.000 Lux on horizontal and higher than 700 Lux on vertical surfaces in a height of 1m from the ground. The prismatic glasses protect the eyes of the worker.

 The work bay comes with 4 rows of lamps (20 long-life lamps of 80W each). The color of the light is similar to daylight to reproduce colors as best as possible.

 To reach a maximum of light on the vertical surfaces of the car body, the system is equipped with special non-symmetric reflectors to reach a maximum of light on the vertical surfaces of the car body. (See picture.)


  • Planning instructions can be requested from the distributor or manufacturer if required.
  • It is important to locate the lifting platform in the center of the steel body repair bay.
  • It is recommended to use an under-floor version for the lifting platform inside the body repair bay. Column versions are possible, but it might become difficult to repair cars with a side impact.


  • Length: 8.0m (26.25 ft.)
  • Width: 6.0m (19.69 ft.)
  • Height overall: 3.5m (11.48 ft.)
  • Weight: Approx 680 kg (1,500 lbs.)

Items Supplied:

  • Support structure in aluminum lattice design
  • Professional 4-sided lighting system with 1.6 kw output
  • U-shapedenergy supply system around vehicle
  • 3-sided curtain system made from glass-fiber material (electric) with anti-drizzle window
  • 2 cable spools 110 V–16A
  • 2 hose reels 3/8"
  • 1 maintenance unit for compressed air
  • 4 retaining holsters for electric tools
  • 1 perforated shelf to fix tools
  • 1 board to carry machinery and equipment
  • 2 connectors for compressed air to supply the machinery and equipment
  • 1 energy box with 2 sockets CEE 220 V–16A, 2 sockets 110 V–16A and integrated fuses
  • Protective bumper


24 months



Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS6572
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To VAS6571A
Tool Class Collision Equipment
VW US Requirement Equivalent
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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