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Battery Tester Charger Kit
Model: GRX3000VAS
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Due to the international chip shortage, orders of the GRX3000VAS will be delayed.

New orders are expected to be filled 18+ weeks from date the order is placed.

For expedited repairs of existing GRX3000VAS:
Dealerships can call Midtronics Customer Service @ 800-776-1995

The GRX-3000 VAS Battery Tester Kit integrates battery testing and charging.

Features and Benefits:
• Eliminates charge and retest decisions. Provides either a good charged battery or replace battery decision
• Uses diagnostic conductance charging, load test, charge acceptance to test the battery initially, during and after charging has completed
• Generates VW warranty code
• Clean power supply for supporting battery during diagnostic and software upgrades
• Internal printer
• Backlit menu driven display for user-friendly operation
• Top-off mode for the times when you want to get that battery fully-charged
• Special manual mode allows the technician to specify specific charging rates and times
• Provides measured CCAs, amp hours accepted, time remaining outputs
• Top-off mode for the times when you want to get that battery fully-charged

Tool Number SBS Order Number Description

• MTRA268 MTRA268 Roll around cart
• MTRA256 MTRA256 GRX Printer module
• MTR095 MTR095 Thermal Paper (1 roll included, reorder is pkg of 6)
• MTRA291 MTRA291 GRX Charge cable

• High-rate (0–60 amps) fast, safe, intelligent charging
• 115/220 VAC
• ULC listed
• Multiple battery test and charging algorithms (Standard, AGM, AGM Orbital)
• Charger Shipping weight 52 lbs
• Cart Shipping weights 42 lbs

Warranty: 2 Years

Manufacturer: Midtronics


Customer Service: Midtronics Customer Service 800-776-1995

Supplied by: Snap-on Business Solutions 1-800-892-9650

Product Specification

AUDI Auto Ship Number AT-398
AUDI Requirement Minimum
Availability Available
Repair Group 27
Superseded To
Tool Class Test Equip
Tool Number GRX3000VAS
VW Auto Ship Number AT-398
VW Requirement Minimum

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