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John Bean - Wheel Alignment Computer
Model: VAS701001
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The new VAG car wheel aligner VAS 701 001 (EEWA553V) is the next generation of 3D wheel aligners that also complies very well with the VW AG operating concept. It is designed to best assist the technician in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications on all Group vehicles from Volkswagen AG.

• The aligner is self-calibrating multiple times a second.
• The cameras automatically track with the vehicle as it is raised to produce the best accuracy and the most productivity a shop can have in a wheel aligner.
• The aligner is equipped with small targets that are easily attached to the wheel well of the vehicle by suction cups. They are used, among others, to carry out a new ride height measurement procedure in line with latest VAG specifications in that ride height is measured automatically multiple times during the procedure so that there is no need for any manual input.
• The new ride height targets are stored internally on a vertical pull-out shelf installed in the lower compartment of the cabinet.
• The aligner has a very easy-to-use accuracy checking that can be run on a daily basis. Simply place the included reference target at the back of the rack and the four wheel targets on the rack and the aligner will diagnose problems, if any, with aligner, clamps, targets and rack.
• Ultra high resolution cameras to image the four targets mounted on the wheels. The targets are passive which means they do not need power supply or cables. Roll the vehicle back and forward 20cm and you have toe and camber readings.
• The ADR / ACC and other drive assist functions are carried out by an additional digital camera (Included with VAS701001 aligner in USA/Canada).

Extent of delivery:
• Clamps that accommodate rim sizes 11” – 24” (276mm – 560mm)
• Cameras that can measure wheelbase up to 5.4 m
• Motorised tracking cameras to accommodate 0 to 2m working height
• PC with 26” monitor, colour printer, keyboard and remote control
• Windows 7 operating system with Pro42 aligner software (incl. VAG alignment program)
• Vehicle data for VAG group vehicles for the last 25 years
• Vehicle data for non VAG group vehicles for the last 25 years
• Mobile cabinet with drawer for printer, enclosed space for PC and open storage for accessories. External mounting points provided for the wheel clamps and ride height targets
• Powerful Brand computer with optical disc drive, network capability. Audio provided by monitor
• Left-hand and right-hand camera towers housing the high-accuracy measurement system
• 1 set of targets (one for each vehicle wheel)
• Steering wheel holder
• Brake pedal depressor
• Operating instructions
• 1 set ride height targets (used for “live ride height feature”, 2 x left-hand side and 2 x right-hand side assemblies)
• 1 reference target (used for rack check)
• Turntable set (specific to VAG) with roll over blocks
VAS 701-001/1 - ADR camera for use with ADR adjustment systems

VAS 701 001 replaces the following VAG wheel aligners and accessories.

• VAS 6331
• VAS 6421
• VAS 6421/1
• VAS 6421/3
• VAS 6421/4

24 months


Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS701001
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Tool Class Wheel Alignment
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