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Table of Content High Voltage Vehicle MEB Battery Repair Tools

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Module Balancer
Model: VAS6910
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This product is planned to be superseded by a NEWER version in Q1/2024.

AVL Service and Support - Toll Free Local Hotline:

USA            1-833-984-3843

Canada      1-833-945-2880

Email: vas.service@avl.com   AND

DSS Manager OperatingManual Rev02
EN VAS6910 OperatingManual Rev17
EN VAS6910 UnpackingInstructions and Start-Up Rev13

This product is planned to be superseded by a NEWER version in Q1/2024.

***Please ensure to order the proper cable set per vehicle application.***

High voltage battery repair takes place at module level.
In the process, the defective module of the high voltage battery is replaced with a new module.
Before the new module is installed, the module must be brought up to the voltage level of the remaining modules of the high voltage battery.
To do this, the module has to be charged or discharged.
The module balancer is used in conjunction with the diagnosis tester to balance the voltage of high voltage battery modules during guided fault finding.
The module balancer works autonomously. Connection of the module balancer to ODIS will take place at a later date.
Initial use: Volkswagen e-Golf! 2014>
The application of the module balancer is described in the software for the module balancer VAS 6910. See also the handbooks for VAS 6910.

Technical data:

  • USB 2.0 / 3.0
  • Dimensions: 460x540x265
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Temperature range: Storage -20 to +55°C, operation 0 to +40°C
  • Certification: CE, UL
  • Calibration: Initial calibration is needed after 36 months of purchase, and then every 24 months afterward.

Items supplied:

  • Storage case: VAS 6910/1
  • Module balancer including mains adapter: VAS 6910/2
  • USB connecting cable (USB rugged to USB Fischer): VAS 611 003
  • USB connecting cable (USB rugged to USB-A): VAS 611 001
  • Operating instructions, software on CD-ROM: VAS 6910/5

Replacement parts:
Storage case
VAS 6910/1; ASE 447 231 00 000
Module balancer including mains adapter
VAS 6910/2; ASE 447 232 00 000
USB cable (USB rugged to USB Fischer)
VAS 611 003; ASE 611 003 00 000
USB cable (USB rugged to USB-A)
VAS 611 001; ASE 611 001 00 000
Operating instructions, software on CD-ROM
VAS 6910/5; ASE 447 235 00 000

Recommended accessories:
Basic cable set, module adaption 1
VAS 6910/10; ASE 447 240 00 000
Extension cable set, module adaption A
VAS 6910/11; ASE 447 241 00 000
Basic cable set, module adaption 2
VAS 6910/12; ASE 447 242 00 000
Basic cable set, module adaption 3
VAS 6910/13; ASE 447 243 00 000
2D code scanner
VAS 6161/1; ASE 447 043 00 000

Power Plug Adapter Needed:
Conntek 30125 -  L6-20P to 6-15/20R UNO Locking Plug 250-Volt Adapter, click HERE to purchase

Connection to PC:
It requires VAS DSS Manager Software to connect to the diagnostic laptop.  Software is available in ServiceNet (Audi/VW) > Workshop Equipment > Tool Information > Tool Software Updates > AVL_DiTEST.zip

Country-specific version:
-USA- ASE 447 230 00 023

AVL Service and Support - Toll Free Local Hotline:

USA            1-833-984-3843
Canada      1-833-945-2880


Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS6910
Availability Available
Superseded To
Tool Class Special Tools
VW US Requirement Minimum
VW US Auto Ship Number AT-440 P3
VW US Auto Ship Date 03/29/2021
AUDI US Requirement Optional
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Minimum
VW Canada Auto Ship Number AT-441 P2
AUDI Canada Requirement Optional
AUDI Canada Auto Ship Number
VW Special Requirement MEB Battery Repair
VW MRT Quantity 1

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