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Used Oil Collection And Extraction Unit
Model: SMN3725
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Combined waste oil suction and drain unit with a 27 gallon capacity allows the drainage of waste oil through the dipstick tube with the use of the proper suction probe. It can also be used as a gravity oil drain.

Waste oil suction is carried out by an air operated vacuum pump with no moving and no wearing parts, using a suction probe or connector inserted into the oil dipstick tube. Can be used as a portable unit, disconnected from the air supply, once the vacuum is created inside the container. Discharge is carried out through a 6-1/2 foot discharge hose, pressurizing the unit at 7 p.s.i. using a tire inflator (see page 2 for additional options). Waste oil gravity collection is carried out using a 5 gallon capacity, height adjustable, oversized collection bowl with an anti-splash screen that can hold used oil filters for draining.

Features and Benefits

VAS6622, VAS6622A Equivalent:

  • High capacity 27 gallon container with side level gauge
  • Low noise, high performance vacuum pump with vacuum gauge
  • Wide handle for easy mobility
  • Removable probes holder for easy cleaning
  • Suction hose with rubber grip and non-drip cap
  • Unique one-piece molded spoiler with holder to secure the discharge hose
  • Tray for tools, washers, filters, etc. with special molded holders for suction connectors
  • Reinforced casters base and wheels


  • SMN737952 - Flexible Oil Extraction Probe, 6mm D x 700mm L = VAS6622/2
  • SMN737953 - Flexible Oil Extraction Probe, 8mm D x 700mm L = VAS6622/3
  • SMN737955 - Rigid Oil Extraction Probe, 6mm D x 700mm L = VAS6622/1
  • SMN737949 - Flexible Oil Extraction Probe, 7mm D x 1000mm L = VAS6622/4
  • SMN737947 - Coupler for direct extraction of engine oil via dipstick guide tube = VAS6622/5
  • Level gauge
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Connectors kit


Dimensions: 62"H x 17"W x 20"D

Weight: 103 lbs.


24 months

Manufacturer:  Samson Corporation

Supplied by: Snap-on Business Solutions 1-855-895-2013

Safety Tips

  • DO NOT use with brake fluids, fuel, flammable or corrosive fluids of any kind.
  • NEVER exceed 7.25 p.s.i. pressure when emptying the 27 gallon tank.
  • NEVER tamper with, modify or disable in any way the security pop-off valve located next to the charge valve.

Service Tip

For a fast and efficient suction of waste oil, the oil must be warm (70° - 80°).

Tool Requirements

Tool Number SMN3725
Availability Available
Superseded To
Tool Class Workshop General Equipment (Can Be Locally Sourced)
VW US Requirement Optional
VW US Auto Ship Number
AUDI US Requirement Minimum
AUDI US Auto Ship Number 315
AUDI US Auto Ship Date 11/11/2010
VW Canada Requirement Optional
AUDI Canada Requirement Minimum
AUDI MRT Quantity 1

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