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Quadriga Automatic Tire Changer
Model: VAS6616

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The industry’s first truly automatic tire changer. Eliminates the worry associated with today’s tire changers. The automated wheel lift handles the heavy lifting and the automatic center clamp eliminates the guesswork and associated risk of wheel damage found with tabletop machines. The laser guided bead breaking and demounting tools completely eliminate tool to wheel contact. The VAS 6616 offers the tire changing industry the first application of laser imaging combined with hydraulically controlled precision tools.
Many passenger vehicles are now fitted with low profile tires or tires with run flat properties. Their hard sidewalls are a major challenge for removal and installation. A lot of force has to be applied, particularly when pressing off the tires, which poses a risk of tire damage.
The tire fitting device VAS 6616 was especially developed for handling these tires. With the unique design of this machine, the operator is supported optimally during tire fitting and removal. The device is especially suitable for handling UHP and run flat tires and has now also been certified by "wdk". Furthermore, this tire fitting machine also has outstanding properties for handling all types of tire. The unit is compatible with rims up to a diameter of 30" and a width of 17".
Features and Benefits
  • Pressing off: With the tire fitting machine VAS 6616, laser controlled dual plastic bead breakers are used to continually press off the upper bead and lower beads without any chance for rim contact. A single joystick control is all that is require for the fully automated demount tools to remove the tire from the rim.
  • Removal tools: The tire fitting machine VAS 6616 is equipped with automatic removal tools, which allows the bead to be pulled over the rim flange without the use of a tire lever and in a user-friendly and damage-free manner. This protects the tire and relieves the effort required by the operator.
  • Wheel lift: The integrated ergonomic wheel lift makes light work for the user when the wheel is clamped in place, particularly when handling large and heavy wheels.
  • Central clamping: On the central clamping flange, the rim is clamped over the middle hole. The wheel diameter is automatically measured during wheel lifting. The turntable is automatically centered so when the wheel is lowered to the turntable, an automatic center clamping nut is applied. The clamping flange is automatically positioned to the bead breaker discs allowing different types of wheels can be handled ergonomically and comfortably.
  • Control panel: The control panel is equipped with all the essential control devices and LED display so the technician can easily select what operation is appropriate for the tire. A single joystick control and foot pedals are all the essential control devices. The LED panel and controls are set at an ideal working height and enables the individual work steps to be controlled and monitored comfortably by the operator.
  • Clamping range: 12” – 30”
  • Maximum rim width: 17”
  • Maximum tire width: 17”
  • Maximum wheel diameter: 47” (1200 mm)
  • Wheel weight: 154 lbs. (70 kg)
  • Turntable speed: 7 / 13 rpm
  • Dimensions: 69” W x 67”D x 81”H (1200 mm W x 1700 mm D x 2000 mm H)
  • Weight (inc. wheel lift): 600 kg (1320 lbs.)
  • Operating pressure: 8 - 12 bar / 110 to 170 psi
  • Mains connection: 115v / 230 V 1ph 50/60 Hz
  • CSA approval - Pending
Standard Accessories
  • ST4025648        Magic Bead Pusher
  • ST4026853        Rim Protector, snaps onto rim of wheel
Warranty:  One year  
Manufacturer:  Snap-on Equipment
Supplied by: Equipment Solutions 1-800-892-9650

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS6616
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