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Wheel Balancer
Model: VAS6311A
Superseded To:


For standard balancing tasks, the wheel balancing machine VAS 6311A uses tried, tested and patented virtual measurement plane technology, which enables a very high degree of accuracy to be achieved during measurement of the imbalance.
The wheel data is recorded automatically and without contact, thereby facilitating high productivity and customer satisfaction.
The diagnosis unit of this premium machine is supported by 5 high resolution laser cameras that work with "Stripe of Light" technology. This unique technology uses the cameras to scan the whole rim and tire profile from the rim flange to the inner side wall of the tire and the entire tread surface up to the outer side wall of the tire and opposite rim flange.
This camera technology indicates to the user and also customer problems in the tire structure and damage that may be caused during operation on the road. The information starts with diagnoses that were developed using industrial standards. The diagnosis information is supported by simple 3D images that highlight tire problems clearly in a visual manner.
The images can be printed out for the customer or saved for review at a later stage.

Design and features:
- 3D laser technology for precise detection of defective area on tire or rim
- Clear and well laid out user interface with graphics for quick and easy operation
- Visualization of diagnosis results in color 3D graphics on 19" TFT wide-screen monitor
- Measurement of lateral pull, tread depth measurement, tread wear detection
- Patented virtual measurement plane technology (VPM)
- Non-contact automatic entry of all wheel data via laser scanner
- Automatically detects whether wheel unit is rim with tire or just rim. Subsequent start of respective
balancing process with non-contact radial and lateral runout measurement and determination of match point
- Measures and corrects imbalance of tire and rim
- Automatic selection of weight placement inc. respective ALU mode
- 9 user profiles, adhesive weight clamping device
- Locates balance position again via measuring device with AutoStopSystem or via laser pointer at 5 o`clock position
- Automatically detects number of spokes and spoke position for positioning behind spokes
- Diagnosis of irregular running and improvement of irregularity by means of geometric matching
- Electromechanical wheel clamping and hub centering device "Power Clamp"
- asa network-ready with optional software client, CE conform

Technical data:
Rim center hole diameter: 43-116 mm
Shaft diameter: 40 mm
Measuring speed: 200 revolutions per minute
Rim width: 3-20 inch
Rim diameter: 15-30 inch automatic / 8-30 inch manual
Adoption of all wheel data, without contact: automatic
Max. wheel width 508 mm
Max. wheel diameter: 950 mm
Max. wheel weight: 70 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)): 1450 x 990 x 1710 mm
Weight: 210 kg
Mains connection: 220-240 V 1ph, 50/60 Hz

Items supplied:
- Electromechanical wheel clamping and hub centering device "Power Clamp" with three cones, pressure reservoir, spacer ring and tensioning sleeve
- Universal weight tongs and adhesive weight remover B79
- One clamp holder on each side of machine
- Wheel protector for wheel diameters up to 950 mm

24 months


ASE 422 075 01 000

Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS6311A
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To EEWB771AUA
Tool Class Workshop General Equipment (Can Be Locally Sourced)
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AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
VW Canada Auto Ship Number
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent
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