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Auto 34 Tire Changer with Wheel Lift

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The Hunter Auto34’s exclusive features operate in harmony to easily and safely change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels. Its intuitive controls allow for unmatched cycle times and a short learning curve. The leverless operation eliminates technicians straining to pull over tough beads, damage of beads with thick levers, and rim damage from lever during demounting. The integrated Wheel Lift eases the service of large wheel assemblies, reduces operator fatigue and allows for more careful handling of expensive reverse wheels.  

Leverless Tool Head – The ultra-thin, vertical shape of the tool head automatically slips easily between the rim and tire sidewall and extracts the bead gently in one fluid down and up motion without the use of bead levers. The slim head design and elimination of levers reduce tension on the bead and ease overall operation.
Diameter Control – The single diameter control arm adjusts the tool head and rollers to the correct diameter. No other adjustment is needed.
Simple Controls – Three switches and one foot pedal control virtually all the tire changing operations.
Simple Clamping – The center support clamping table and self-centering quick clamp provide the flexibility to easily mount a variety of wheel designs up to 34” in diameter. With three easily adjustable clamping heights, no flange plates are needed for most reverse wheels. The rubber cover protects expensive wheels from damage.
Blast Inflation – Handheld nozzle allows operator to direct a large burst of compressed air exactly where needed to easily seat the bead. A compression trigger and foot pedal protect the operator from accidental discharge.
Bead Loosening Roller Auto Indention – The roller system gently rolls the tire off or on the rim, yet is strong enough to hold the tire securely for safe match-mounting. A sensor on the bead loosening roller detects when the roller is under the rim flange and automatically indents. When backing out, the roller moves away from the rim then out, to eliminate rim contact.
Bead Press Arm – The standard bead press arm assists in mounting difficult tires. The bead press arm is secured to the tool head controls and is cleared out of the way automatically as the tool head is raised.
Wheel Support Plate – Center clamps for maximum diameter flexibility. Adjustable to three working heights. Innovative Expandable Base – The three-position base provides the versatility to service wheels in ranges of 10” - 30”, 12” - 32”, and 14” - 34”. No expensive kits or modifications are required. 
Wheel Lift – Eases the service of large wheel assemblies, reduces operator fatigue and allows for more careful handling of expensive reverse wheels. 

  • HUNRP6G10A80   RP6-G1000A80 Quick clamp center shaft with 90° lock
  • HUNRP6G10A67   RP6-G1000A67 Traction bar with extension and 28" bead depressor tail
  • HUNRP6713421   RP6-710013421 (2) wheel support plate guards for reverse wheels
  • HUNRP61157       Truck Cone
  • HUNRP6-3784     Mounting Paste, 3.5 kg
  • HUNRP6-1506     Applicator Brush
  • HUN2022361       Wheel Lift
  • HUNRP6G10A86  RP6-G1000A86 Mirror
Product Specifications:
Bead Loosening Power; Each Arm 
2,645 lbs. @ 140 p.s.i.
Max. Space Dimensions 
68"L x 43"W x 72"H
Maximum Tire Diameter 
50" / 52" / 54"
Clamping System Rotating Speed 
CW - Variable up to 15 r.p.m. CCW - 7 r.p.m.
867 ft.-lbs.
Recommended Air Supply 
115-175 p.s.i.
208-230 volt 1 phase, 15 amps NEMA L6-20P Plug
Max. Bead Roller Opening Width 
Bead Roller Power; Each Arm 
2,645 lbs. @ 140 p.s.i.
Approximate Shipping Weight 
1,100 lbs.
Bead Roller Diameter Range 
10"-30" / 12"-32" / 14"-34"
Max. Bead Loosening Opening Width 
  • HUNRP6G10A87  RP6-G1000A87 Flange Plate
Call Hunter Customer Service at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information. 
Warranty: Call the Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.
Manufactured by: Hunter Engineering
Supplied by: Equipment Solutions 1-800-892-9650

Tool Requirements

Tool Number HUNTCA34WBLK
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To HUNTCA34SBLK
Tool Class Workshop General Equipment (Can Be Locally Sourced)
VW US Requirement Equivalent
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AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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