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Body Workstation (for Canada Only)
Model: VAS892007

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Mixed multi-material body repair station for repairing accident-damaged vehicles.
- Support structure made from aluminum lattice beams with 4 supports or ceiling attachments including all connecting and securing elements.
- 4-sided lighting system, 1.6 kW output, lighting output more than 1,200 Lux horizontal and 700 Lux vertical at a height of 1 m.
  Comprises 10 fluorescent lamps each with 2 x 80 W daylight lamps, shielded (anti-glare), including involute reflectors.
 The lighting system can be activated at 40%, 60% or 100%.
- 3-sided, U-shaped protective curtain system made from flame retardant glass fiber material in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
Exterior finished in aluminum grey, interior silver coated for better reflection of light on vertical surfaces of vehicle.
 2-part system, glare-free viewing window in accordance with DIN EN 17700 for screening of shielded arc workstations.
- With two power pods that run lengthways along vehicle
Mobile extraction system for welding fumes VAS 892 001 required for workshops without CFRP processing.
Mobile extraction system for welding fumes VAS 892 003 is required for workshops with CFRP processing.

Technical data:
Two power pods, can be adjusted lengthways along vehicle, each fitted with:
- 2 x 16 A CEE 5-pin sockets, 400 V
- 3 x 230 V / 16 A fused sockets
- 2 compressed air safety couplings, nominal width 7.4
- 1 safety and holding bar
- 1 suspension spring
- 2 trailing cable and running rail systems, each with a length of 7 m
- Standard field size [L x W x H]: 8.00m x 6.00m x 3.50m (modified to individual installation situation).
- Weight: approx. 840kg

Items supplied:
- Aluminum lattice beam support structure
- 4-sided lighting system
- 3-sided protective curtain system
- 2 sliding power pods (CLE=Curtain Light Energy)
- Mobile extraction system for aluminum and carbon dust VAS 6572/2, equipped for zone 22 in accordance with ATEX II 3D
- Explosion-protected design with spark trap and 5 m stabilizing path, including adapter and accessory package for passenger cars
- Certification and registration report from TÜV Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., also fitted with a second filtering stage for dusts of category ?H? for carcinogenic fine plastic dust.
If steel and aluminum are to be cut through at the same time, always use extraction system VAS 6572/2 with spark trap!
On completion of repair measures, dust collection container is to be emptied to avoid accumulation of inhomogeneous dust conglomerate in filter and dust collection container!
- Mobile extraction system for steel dust VAS 6571/1, equipped for zone 22 in accordance with ATEX II 3D, explosion-protected
- Designed for use in mixed multi-material workstation, though not suitable for collection of flammable or explosive fine dusts.
  Delivery includes floor extractor, 5 m extractor hose and standard adapter set for connection of sanding/grinding tools.
Extractor may NOT be used to collect aluminum and plastic dust!
To extract aluminum or plastic dust during repair of vehicles in AL/ST mix, it is essential to use extraction system for lightweight materials VAS 6572/2.
- Telescopic arm VAS 6571/1-1 for accurate extraction of welding fumes as well as flying sparks if tool cannot be connected directly to extraction station.
  Maximum reach 2,000 mm, diameter of smoke collection hood 50 mm.
- Hand tool set, aluminum VAS 2010/2 in workshop trolley, 81-piece, identifying color brick red RAL 3002.
- Container for removed parts VAS 1698A for separate storage of aluminum components during repair process.

Replacement parts:
Extraction system, mobile, aluminum
VAS 6572/1

Extraction system, mobile, steel
VAS 6571/1

Telescopic arm for extraction system
VAS 6571/1-1

Extraction system
VAS 6572/2

Tool set
VAS 2010/2

Container for removed parts
V.A.G 1698A

Recommended accessories:
Welding fumes extractor
VAS 892 001

Welding fumes extractor
VAS 892 003

Country-specific version:
On request

24 months

ProWoTech GmbH

ASE 892 007 80 000


Tool Requirements

Tool Number VAS892007
Availability SUPERSEDED
Superseded To VAS892007A
Tool Class Collision Equipment
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AUDI US Requirement Equivalent
AUDI US Auto Ship Number
VW Canada Requirement Equivalent
AUDI Canada Requirement Equivalent

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