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Hunter RFE22VAG Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer
Model: VAS6230BE3NP
$22,013.40 *

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US Dealer Promotion: Receive special pricing on the TCM Maverick™ Tire Changer with a purchase of a Road Force® Elite Balancer!
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This promotional offering is valid 01/01/2023 - 03/31/2023.

The Road Force® Elite provides complete wheel diagnostics faster than a traditional balancer. 

This wheel balancer is identical to VAS6230BE3 except for the printer and shelf.  However, it has an option for network printer to be used in the shop.

Road Force Elite with SmartScan laser measuring, StraightTrak, Auto Clamping, Road Force Measurement, Hammerhead, Run Out Measurement, and Balancer, 21" Touch Screen, Spindle-Lok, Servo- Stop, Direct Weight Placement , BullsEye Centering Collet Kit with Adjustable Flange Plate with Accessories (208-230V/8 Amp, NEMA #L6-20P, 1Ph. direct current patented Servo Drive system)



  • Road Force® roller mimics how a wheel performs under the load of a vehicle to find and solve hidden causes of vibration and vehicle pull.
  • Inner and outer camera assemblies use structured light to scan the wheel during spin. There are no moving parts in camera/laser assemblies for ultimate reliability.
  • ForceMatching® locates the stiffest area of a tire and the lowest spot on a rim to be marked and match-mounted to cancel radial-force vibration. NOW up to 50% faster than the previous version.
  • StraightTrak® measures pull forces in tires and recommends wheel placement to cancel vehicle drift. Now measures individual tire pulls!
  • Enhanced SmartWeight® utilizes a scanned rim profile to give a more accurate balance, a more single weight solution and increased weight savings. 
  • eCal™ auto-calibration provides true “self-calibration” without any input from the operator.
  • CenteringCheck® verifies proper wheel centering to eliminate setup errors and ensure an accurate balance.
  • BullsEye® 10-piece collet set with convenient storage comes standard.
  • Laser-guided weight placement speeds service with a standard bottom laser and an optional HammerHead TDC laser.
  • Hunter.Net® allows you to view balancer usage online. See trends on Road Force values, wheel types, weight usage, service, and savings.



  • Power Requirements:  196-253V, 10 amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph  NEMA L6-20P plug included
  • Air Supply Requirements:  100-175 psi (7-12 bar)
  • Roller Force:  Variable up to 1,250 lbs (567 kg)
  • Rim Width Range:  1.5 in to 20.5 in (38 mm to 521 mm)
  • Rim Diameter Range:  10 in to 30 in (254 mm to 762 mm)*
  • ALU:  14 in to 40 in (356 mm to 1016 mm)*
  • Max. Tire Diameter:  40 in (1016 mm)
  • Max. Tire Width:  20 in (508 mm)
  • Max. Tire Weight:  175 lbs (79 kg)
  • Radial & Lateral Runout Accuracy:  0.002 in (0.051 mm)
  • Imbalance Resolution:  ± 0.01 oz (0.28 g)
  • Placement Accuracy:  512 positions, ± 0.35°
  • Balancing Speed:  300 rpm
  • Motor:  Programmable drive system and DC motor



Contact Hunter Customer Service Department at 1-800-448-6848 for specific warranty information.

Manufactured by:

Hunter Engineering

Supplied by:  

Snap-On Business Solutions 1-800-892-9650

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Tool Number VAS6230BE3NP
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AUDI US Requirement Optional
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VW Canada Requirement Minimum
AUDI Canada Requirement Optional
VW MRT Quantity 1

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