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Scissor Lift Table
Model: VAS6131B
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With the introduction of the new power unit generation, Volkswagen AG also sets new standards in engine repair.
The engines have to be removed with the respective gearbox downwards as one unit. This power unit assembly has a weight of approx. 800kg, which means that the standard engine and gearbox jack cannot be used.
This equipment represents a new removal and installation philosophy which will also be applied for future models. With introduction of the scissor-type assembly platform VAS 6131B the required removal philosophy in the automobile upper class is taken account of. The engine and gearbox can be removed and installed faster without additional equipment. The use of an A-frame lift assures simple and safe positioning of the assembly platform.
When a vehicle is raised and due to stress-related ageing of the engine and gearbox mountings, there is often a slightly warped or distorted effect on the vehicle and/or power unit. In order that all mounting points can still be reached, the assembly platform can be tilted three-dimensionally by 60 mm. For universal use of the scissor-type assembly platform, there is an engine plate and gearbox plate with locking template. To adapt the equipment to the relevant power unit assembly, the respective supports are bolted to the plates. The gearbox plate can be moved back and forth allowing the engine and gearbox to be separated on the assembly platform without the need for great physical effort.


The CAB400B power cable is required for the VAS6131B and is not included with the VAS6131B. CAB400B is a extended Power cord for VAS6131B. Comes with connector that mates with VAS6131B female power connection. CAB400B power cable is available in the tools catalog (Tool # CAB400B).

Technical data:
Load rating: 1200 kg
Height: 750 mm
Eff. lift: 1050 mm
Quick lift: approx. 36 mm/s
Fine lift: approx. 18 mm/s
Length: approx. 1910 mm
Width: approx. 900 mm
Ground clearance: 150 mm
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Connection lead: 1.8 kW
Weight: 800 kg

Country-specific version:
ASE45600501023 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 phase VAS 6131B Scissor-type assembly platform -USA-

Items supplied:

Scissor-type ssembly platform with remote control
1 assembly platform, consisting of engine and linear moveable gearbox plates, each featuring a 100 mm locking template (M10).

Recommended accessories:
Basic set for Phaeton
VAS 6131/1; ASE 456 006 01 000

Support set for W12 engine Phaeton
VAS 6131/2; ASE 456 007 01 000

Support set for 6-cyl. engines Phaeton
VAS 6131/3; ASE 456 008 01 000

Support set for V10 TDI Phaeton
VAS 6131/4; ASE 456 009 01 000

Basic set for Touareg
VAS 6131/6; ASE 456 010 01 000

V10, V8 and V6 power unit support for Touareg
VAS 6131/8; ASE 456 011 01 000

Support set for Audi
VAS 6131/10; ASE 456 013 00 000

VAS 6131/10-1; ASE 456 017 00 000

Tapered mounting pin
VAS 6131/10-2; ASE 456 018 00 000

VAS 6131/10-9; ASE 456 025 00 000

VAS 6131/10-12; ASE 456 028 00 000

Support set, Audi A8 >2002
VAS 6131/11; ASE 456 016 00 000

VAS 6131/11-2; ASE 456 031 00 000

VAS 6131/11-4, ASE 456 033 00 000

Stud mounting
VAS 6131/11-5, ASE 456 034 00 000

Support set, Audi A6 2005>
VAS 6131/12; ASE 456 040 00 000

Tapered mounting pins
VAS 6131/12-2, ASE 456 042 00 000

Supplementary set, Audi Q7
VAS 6131/13; ASE 456 045 00 000

Gearbox support
VAS 6131/14; ASE 456 046 00 000

Support set for natural gas tank
VAS 6131/15, ASE 456 048 01 000



24 months

Blitz Rotary GmbH


Warranty and Service Contact:
800-445-5438 ext 5536 for billing and 5131 Service Support


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